The Swiss Fulbrigth Alumni Association

The Swiss Fulbright Alumni Association

Welcome to the website of the Swiss Fulbright Alumni Association (SFAA). The Swiss Fulbright Alumni Association is open to all recipients of a Fulbright Scholarship living in or coming from Switzerland. The association provides continued interaction for alumni by organizing social events and more.
It aims to also be a resource for current or recent Fulbright grantees coming from or leaving for the US.

These pages provide information and links about the Fulbright Program. Additional pointers to resources about Fulbright scholarships, local organizations and foreign Fulbright Alumni organizations can be found on the links page. Please send us a message via the contact page for any questions or if you would like to join the Swiss Fulbright Alumni Association.
J. William Fulbright and the Fulbright Program
Senator J. William Fulbright was an Arkansas Democrat whose three decades in the U.S. Senate left a powerful imprint on foreign affairs ...